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7 snarky brand swipes on Brazil-Germany match

So you’d think the epic Brazil versus Germany match hype would be dying down by now, but nope. The fun continues.

1. Amul

This takes a cue from one of the most popular Bollywood movies Sholay, where the original line was: “Arre o Samba kitne admi thhe?” said by the antagonists. It loosely translates to “Hey Samba, how many men were there?” following a fighting scene. Amul took a jab at Brazil’s loss by asking “Hey Samba, how many goals were there?”

Also at the bottom right hand corner it says “Hum ek saath hai” which means “We are together” but ek also means 1 and Saath sounds like 7 in hindi – the number of goals scored by the German team.



2. Chupa Chups

Keeping in line with its recent campaign “Life Less Serious” , Chupa Chups’ released an ad to encourage the crying Brazilians.


3. Visa

Meanwhile this one from Visa is self explanatory:

4. Volkswagen USA

And no doubt, Volkswagen, a German brand would be rooting for its own team.


5. Redbull

Redbull also tried to give Brazil some wings. Too little too late?

6. Sony Xperia

Sony Xperia went all out creating a video with Subbuteo figures for the match:

7. Bayern 3

This one is just so painful. It is short and not at all sweet.


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