Adland creatives draw up fake IKEA manual to explain A$AP Rocky’s release

While netizens were lauding President Donald Trump for helping in the release of American rapper A$AP Rocky from Swedish prison, after he of course, tweeted about it, two adland creatives from McCann New York and Forsman & Bodenfors Sweden decided to set the record straight. In a true Swedish style, the duo created a fake IKEA manual that outlines the basics of the Swedish Justice system for those struggling to understand the case.

Giving some background information about the manual, the pair said, “Trump doesn’t seem to understand the basics of the Swedish justice system. Probably because in Sweden, presidents can’t personally interfere with an ongoing investigation. With that in mind, we decided to explain to him in the simplest and most Swedish way possible. Just like an IKEA manual.”

One of the header in the fake manual “Don’t call Stefan” (Stefan refers to the PM of Sweden) reads: “What might be a ‘very good call’ to the Prime Minister of Sweden will not make any difference at all. Our ministers can’t comment or make statements about an individual case. So that will be a waste of time. Kind of like building a border wall.”

It then cheekily explains how the Swedish justice system works:

fakeikea manual asap rocky 2

fakeikea manual asap rocky 3

fakeikea manual asap rocky 4

The last point clarifies that Trump did not influence the outcome of Rocky’s case. Rocky was released from the Swedish prison early August after charged with assault and held in prison for close to a month. While held in Sweden, Trump stated to the Twitterverse that he will be calling Prime Minister of Sweden Stefan Löfven about helping Rocky after a chat with rapper Kanye West. Following Rocky’s release, Trump decided to have a little wordplay of his own saying:

The rapper was first taken to custody after assaulting an individual in the streets of Stockholm. In his Instagram posts, Rocky explained that three guys followed the rapper and his entourage for four blocks and were slapping passing girls’ bottoms. Rocky also said that the guys looked under the influence of drugs and that he acted in self-defense after an individual hit his security.