LOOK Adidas' bloody World Cup ad draws controversy

It seems like Adidas’ latest advertising stunt has turned a few heads – all for the wrong reasons.

The ad features football stars such as Lukas Podolski, Diego Costa, Arjen Robben along with others holding a real cow hearts in their hands to show their devotion to the game and their home ground.

The ad ran with the slogan: “During the World Cup, I will give my heart to the cause.”

However not everyone saw the passion in the ads, with animal rights groups crying foul over the stunt.

As reported on Yahoo News, a spokesman for Four Paws, a German animal rights group said: "He says he'd give his heart but it wasn't his heart was it? It was the heart of an innocent animal. If this was supposed to be some sort of PR stunt, then it misses the point."


Responses from the public have also been somewhat divided.

Here's what some fans have said so far:


Like it or loathe it?