Adidas reimagines celebrities as 3D figurines

Adidas Originals has partnered with creative agency All Right Reserved to launch a 3D exhibition "We Print Originals" at its flagship store in Tsim Sha Tsui, bringing 3D printing technology to customers for the first time.

From 5 to 18 September, the store is hosting a series of 3D-printed miniatures featuring a slew of local stars such as Eason Chan, Twins, Denise Ho and Pakho Chau, each of them posing next to a vintage object that represent a bygone era, including non-AC double-decker buses, brick phones, boomboxes, red post boxes and Famicom console.

Adidas Hong Kong marketing manager Amy Fok describes the exhibition as a "collision between vintage and innovation", which aims to convey adidas's spirit of creativity and innovation through innovative technologies - 3D scanning and printing.

"In this campaign we try to downplay our sales force in favour of a more fun and interesting experience in-store," said Fok, adding that bringing in the tech is a tactic to deliver a "unique" brand experiences for customers in real time.

"3D printing is an upward trend. I believe this technology will go beyond B2B to B2C and it definitely will have a big impact on brands".

All Right Reserve creative director SK Lam agreed: “3D printing has become increasingly prominent not only in manufacturing but also in marketing. It’s no longer a novelty but many advertisers still unaware of what 3D printing tech can bring to brands".

He added that exhibition and celebrity endorsement are undoubtedly an effective way for keeping up brand energy, but nowadays’ brands need to keep rolling out creative stories and new angles, such as 3D printing, in order to keep up with the changing demands in this consumer-driven era.

The 3D exhibition results in attracting a boarder target audience from sport enthusiasts to also families, which is a "bonus" from the exhibition.

Participants are entitled to get a chance to try out 3D scanning technology by donating HK$50 for the "Make-A-Wish Hong Kong" foundation; or even take away a 3D-printed figurine of themselves upon purchase of HK$3,800 in the shop.

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