Adidas merges social and fashion for live event

Adidas Originals has partnered with PacificLink iMedia to launch a smart wristband for its upcoming annual party as part of the "Unite All Originals" campaign.

Around 3,000 wristbands will be created for the annual party on 7 October at Kowloon Bay International Trade & Exhibition Centre.

Attendants can check-in on Facebook by simply swiping over the sensors installed in the venue, keeping social media users updated in real-time.

Carol Ng, digital marketing manager of PacificLink iMedia, added the move will be a CRM boost for adidas, with attendants data to be stored reused.

The tech is designed for to serve the purpose of uplifting its brand experience as well as enhancing social media influence.

"With this wristband, visitors become the brand's ambassadors to promote events and to generate word-of-mouth around the brand. It is a more convincing way to reaching out to consumers than advertising," she said.