Adidas brands with football tournaments regionally

Adidas is launching 2V2 Destroy vs. Control tournaments across three main South East Asia cities in Bangkok, Thailand (25th July), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (1st August) and Jakarta, Indonesia (8th August).

The 2V2 Destroy vs. Control tournament will feature four players, two in each team, on a small street pitch with no goalkeepers for a six-minute game.

The Adidas Destroy vs. Control – Southeast Asia edition celebrates and rewards the most creative and entertaining players, with points awarded by a panel of judges to players who impress with their creative moves, flair for the game and entertainment value.

In conjunction with the launch of the football tournaments, the Adidas 2V2 Destroy vs. Control recruitment van will be traversing across the football hotspots in each city to gather the players.

To kick-start the recruitment phase for the adidas 2V2 tournaments in these cities, Adidas has launched the Destroy vs. Control activation video featuring noted football athletes in Southeast Asia,  such as Mika Chunuonsee (Thailand), Anthony Ampaipitakwong (Thailand), Raphael Maitimo (Indonesia) and influencer Roen Cian (Malaysia) who battle it out while debuting the new Adidas X15 and ACE15.

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