Adabi gets ‘punny’ with latest sex scandal surrounding Malaysian minister

Food production company Adabi Consumer Industries has decided to be cheeky by jumping on the recent buzz surrounding the viral sex video allegedly featuring economic affairs minister Mohamed Azmin Ali and former government official Muhammad Haziq Abdul Aziz, to promote its serbuk kunyit (tumeric powder).

In a tweet which garnered 16k retweets and 9.5k likes at the time of writing, Adabi posted a picture of a brown sofa with a white background and the sentence “Saya bersumpah, saya halal” (I swear, I am halal). The caption also read “Kami ‘sumpah’ serbuk kunyit kami halal” (We swear our tumeric powder is halal). For those who are unaware, Adabi did a word play on the Malay slang kunyit which also refers to homosexual men.

Earlier this week, Muhammad Haziq, who is a former government official, confessed in a video on Facebook that he was the man in the viral sex video and named the other individual as minister Azmin Ali. In his Facebook video, Muhammad Haziq was seated on a brown sofa with a white wall in the background. According to multiple media reports, another second sex video has been released and Muhammad Haziq has since been fired from his position.

Most netizens were tickled by Adabi’s post, with many commenting that they approved of the tweet and it was marketing done right. Other netizens also commented that the ad industry would be able to evolve if companies are given such opportunities to be creative. Meanwhile, a handful of netizens found the tweet offensive.

This is not the first time Adabi has tickled consumers with its sense of humour. In June last year, its cheekily clarified on Facebook that its Sup Bunjut spice packet is “black magic free”. This came after the spice packet was featured in TV3’s drama Nur, which showed one of the characters accused another of casting a spell on members of the family by placing something in their food.  She then dug out an ingredient as proof of black magic, much to the amusement of the other family members, who pointed out that the ingredient she was holding came from the spice packet Sup Bunjut.

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