Ad spend on Android jumps 378%

Despite that Apple iOS has dominated the market of smartphones in the city for many years, the launch of the Galaxy Note II in Hong Kong boosted the popularity of the Android system to 62%, compared to just 31% for the iOS in December 2012, according to the latest study by AMAZE Mobile Media.

The number of mobile display ad campaigns on Android increased by 378% in 2012, but AMAZE Mobile Media general manager Penny Wong said it’s not a big surprise.

“iPhone got a head start in the beginning when the smart phone market first started, so Android lost a bit there. But as the Android system gained popularity, it took over the users who were on the Windows phone, Symbian users,” he said.

Given the ad placement increase, he added that marketers cannot leave Android users out of their marketing equation.

The biggest hurdle to overcome, however, is security, which Android is still shy of Apple due to the number of non-regulated app stores.

The report also noted a year-on-year increase of almost 70% in mobile ad spending in the last quarter of 2012, with a focus on banner ad campaigns and interactive rich media ads.