Ad showcasing Indonesian govt's accomplishment causes online chatter

An ad running in cinema theatres featuring Indonesian President Joko Widodo's achievements has garnered attention from both consumers and the attention. The video showed footage of dams and reservoirs throughout Indonesia and grateful farmers.

Moviegoers took to social media to express their views towards the ads.

Meanwhile, another moviegoer said that despite being annoyed, she also jokingly tweeted that watching the commercial prior to watching The Nun in the cinema, made the movie "less scary".

However, according to an ST article, the opposition were taking the complaint seriously and said in the article that the ad "should be taken down". On this matter, ST said the Elections Supervisory Agency (Bawaslu) did not find fault with the government airing the ad.

According to ST, the Bawaslu said that since the General Elections Commission has not yet determined candidates for the 2019 presidential election, the ad can be seen as a government one showcasing accomplishments.
ST also said the government took the stance that the ad was not about President Joko, and the Communications and Information Ministry said it was to demonstrate the current government's accomplishments and was planned since mid 2017.

Marketing Interactive has contacted the Communications and Information Ministry for comment.