Ad Fortune Communications snaps up Markies Awards for Elephant Club

Competition among players in the loan industry is intensifying. As a newcomer, Elephant Club has collaborated with Ad Fortune Communications to gain brand awareness and encourage its target audience to apply for a personal loan.

It is not easy to stand out from competitors in the loan industry. There are plenty of market leaders who have been enjoying great exposure and brand awareness, and Elephant Club – as a P2P lending platform and online money lender, has limited recognition from the public. Meanwhile, the public still has doubts over online lending platforms.

Ad Fortune Communications has created three TVCs, all starring actress Harriet “Hatou” Yeung imitating US singer Lady Gag, Hong Kong singer/actor Andy Lau, and Eason Chan. The goal being to engage its target audiences, namely shopaholics, couples-to-be or newlyweds, and startup or SME owners.

The imitation of Lady Gaga (離地Gaga) was chosen to target shopaholics. In the TVC, the main character is addicted to shopping which results in a debt-ridden situation. With the help of Elephant Girl – the symbolic character to represent the Elephant Club – she eventually clears her debt.

As for the Andy Lau (樓華) imitation, the story presents a couple-to-be who have difficulties in sourcing enough money to buy a flat.

The last story featuring the imitation of Eason Chan tells the story of a startup owner who doesn’t have enough money to materialise his business ideas.

All these two stories have a happy ending as the Elephant Girl helps tackles their problems with loans.

The entire campaign has received good results as the traffic of Elephant Club’s website has increased by 199%. Also, the number of visitors and new users has grown by 201% and 199% respectively.

The campaign has helped drive Elephant Club’s sales as well, as it has recorded a growth of up to 58%. Last but not least, the drawdown amount has increased by up to 148%.

This article is brought to you by Ad Fortune Communications.