Acorn consolidates units to establish Acorn Digital Services

China-based marketing and branding company, Acorn International has consolidated several of its units to establish a larger division which will be named Acorn Digital Services

The consolidated units include; the company’s social media management business Acorn Entertainment ("AE"), its digital content business Acorn Streaming, and its China influencer development wing, A-KOL.

Acorn's president and CEO, Jacob A. Fisch commented, "Acorn's business is and has always been about incubating promising new brands in a low-risk manner. Acorn Digital Services is structured to allow us to incubate these brands while getting paid as we go as a third-party service provider."

Through digital media in China, Acorn International's business model combines social media management, content creation and sales of its own as well as third-party brands.

Fisch added, "Social commerce is at the intersection of social media, content creation and e-commerce, allowing brands of all sizes to increase conversion rates by leveraging their social media reach. Brands that are embracing this rapidly evolving trend in China are getting a head start on the competition and positioning themselves for success. We believe Acorn Digital Services' expanded focus will result in greater visibility and higher conversion rates for Acorn and our clients in China."