Acer names new media partner for Malaysia market

Acer has handed its media business  to UM Malaysia. The contract is for a year. UM won the account from incumbent Starcom Mediavest. The agency will be tasked to carry out work across traditional and digital media including radio, print, digital and out-of- home.

Acer Malaysia’s head of marketing, Stephanie Ho said the agency put forward a vision that blurred the lines between media and creativity, data and content, science and art.

“The UM philosophy appealed to us because of its in-built strategy to adapt to the fast-paced market conditions, while staying connected to consumers’ ever changing needs through real-time insights. This resonates with our philosophy of responding to consumers’ needs with solutions that creatively inspires our users’ day-to- day lives, and partnering them to achieve more by making technology,” Ho said.

Amit Sutha, managing director UM and Ensemble Worldwide said, “ We see this as an opportunity to partner a brand that has become a trusted electronics technology producer.We have to first stop thinking of the sale as an end point or an isolated action, and rather consider it in terms of a customer journey with purchase opportunities at each stage. Secondly, brands today are not built on buying mass reach, but by orchestrating intimate relationships with consumers.”

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