Acer Malaysia hands Ignite social media duties

Acer Malaysia has appointed Ignite as its creative social media agency. Ignite has been the primary agency in charge of ATL creative duties since early this year.

Other agencies vying for the account were Publicis One and M&C Saatchi.

The challenged faced by the brand in Malaysia is that globally the entire laptop market is declining at 10% YOY due to stiff competition from other technology areas such as smartphones, cloud computing and apps. For Acer Malaysia to defy this global trend of decline, it is critical to woo the Millennial who potentially perceive the 40-year old Acer brand as outdated.

The agency is hence tasked to  established social media codes and win over the Millennials.

“Obviously social media is a great medium to reach out to millennials but Acer Malaysia wanted a radically new approach to social media. We are looking for an approach that appeals to them yet sets us apart, as uniquely Acer,” said Stephanie Ho, head of marketing of Acer Malaysia.

“Hence rather than just product posts, we’d talk about life hacks and our products, rather than explain the laptop technology, we’d talk about lifestyle technology.  With Ignite’s creative approach seamlessly fitting in with our brand and business objectives, Ignite became a natural choice for us” Ho said.

Ignite is now looking to move from "What we sell at Acer" to What drives Acer".

"This meant transforming from a ‘Corporate Programmer’ to a ‘Street Smart Geek'. The 'Street Smart Geek’ (imagine Tony Stark or Quicksilver) is someone who lives with today’s trends be it technology, fashion, or entertainment. He is intelligent, social-able. A geek who is easy to talk to and hangout with, now wouldn’t you want add or follow Acer on social media?” asks Eldon D’Cruz, senior planner of Ignite.