Abbott kicks-off new campaign phase with PediaSure video

Abbott has launched a new video ad promoting protein shake PediaSure as part of a larger campaign.

The video features local artist Raymond Wong, who asks a mother to provide her child with a proper breakfast that contains sufficient nutrients before sending him to school. Wong further explains the importance of a balanced meal before introducing PediaSure as a supplement to a child’s diet.

It’s apparent that Abbott is laser-targeting parents with young kids over the potential nutritional benefits of PediaSure by using relatable video content and utilising an educational-style presentation to put them at ease.

Abbott has also launched offline events to engage with end-consumers. It recruited 60 children with their parents online to join Abbott’s climbing event last year where Wong was the ambassador of the campaign. Wong also featured in a series of video clips to offer parenting tips.

Client: Abbott Laboratories Limited
Marketing Director: Shirley Chau
Marketing Manager: Lina Ng
Digital Marketing Manager: Colina To
Associate Product Manager: Wilfred Wong

Creative agency and media platform: Champimom
Founder: Ms. Denise Yee


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