A Shanghai Landmark and Home to Luxury – Plaza 66 Celebrates its Anniversary in Style

Hang Lung hosted the Home to Luxury Celebration Party on September 8, 2017, marking an historic milestone in the illustrious history of one of Shanghai’s most prominent landmarks — the transformation of Plaza 66. The Party captured the imagination of Shanghai’s elite and garnered a number of international accolades, including the Global PR Campaign – Bronze Award at the recent PR Awards 2018, which recognizes creativity in the planning and execution of the event.

The star-studded event was set against the opulent backdrop of the mall’s new interior, where guests were welcomed by the world’s most coveted brands and captivated by world-class performances, with 15-time Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter and producer, Alicia Keys, topping the bill. The Party not only hosted over 2,000 business partners, tenants, customers, government officials, celebrities, and local and overseas media, but also underscored Plaza 66’s unassailable position as the quintessential Home to Luxury in mainland China.

This year, the Home to Luxury party was hosted again on its anniversary. The event celebrated the lifestyle offered by brands at the very pinnacle of luxury, who have made Plaza 66 their home and who joined with the mall in creating an alluring vision of indulgence fit for the aspirations of a new generation of affluent patrons.

Echoing its core business strategy to be customer-centric, Hang Lung seeks to build relationships and craft unsurpassed experiences through different means, with Hang Lung’s brand-new customer relationship management program, “House 66” being one of them. is dedicated to provide unique and personalized services with a view to broadening the client base, strengthening customer loyalty, and supporting corporate branding across Hang Lung’s Mainland portfolio.

As Hang Lung’s first luxury mixed-use project on the Mainland, Plaza 66 holds a distinguished position as the Company’s landmark in Shanghai. Plaza 66 is renowned as one of the most successful commercial complexes in China and continues to surprise and delight customers, with its transformation a testament to Hang Lung’s commitment to perpetuating its venerable legacy. In its fabric and essence, Plaza 66 is constantly reaching new levels of luxury and new heights in customer service. With the addition of the “House 66” program, Plaza 66 is making a statement that it is here to stay as the real “Home to Luxury”.

This article is brought to you by Hang Lung Properties.