A look at how Adland is celebrating Father's Day across the world

With Father's Day around the corner, brands across the globe have taken steps for children to show appreciation for their fathers.

From entertaining spots which address a father's competitive feelings for their daughter's affection, to heart-warming stories guaranteed to set off the waterworks, here is the round up of some of Marketing's favourite campaigns to appreciate Dad, for being Dad.


Lenovo explores every father’s nightmare when they finally face a competitor for his daughter’s affection. In this short but entertaining spot, a young playmate comes over to a man’s house to spend some time with his daughter.

To keep the young lovers in check, he places the Lenovo YOGA Tab 3 Pro, which has a built-in projector playing a clip of him watching intently as a warning. The 15-second spot has gain 2,500 views since its launch on 6 June.



Digi Telecommunications

Digi Telecommunications takes a moment to poke fun at the concept of #DadJokes, jokes which fathers typically crack to their children which are not the funniest in the world. The children, who are mostly quite young, recite the jokes their fathers have told them, with some laughing at the joke and some responding in a manner which shows embarrassment.


This heartwarming spot by men's shaving brand Gillette explores father-son relationships and is based on the statistic that "94% of teenagers ask the internet for advice before their Dads". After trying out activities such as tying a tie, frying an egg, shaving or picking up first based on what teenage sons found on the internet, fathers come in to help them out.

This spot urges all children to ask their fathers instead of the internet, because he just might know better. Since its launched on 6 June, the spot has garnered around 4.6 million views and 1,300 likes on YouTube.

Community Chest Singapore

Get ready for some tissues for this heartwarming spot by the Community Chest Singapore. Based on a true story from one of its subsidiaries, the social entity follows a rag-and-bone man's daily life trying to bring home the bacon and looking after his intellectually-challenged spouse and son at the same time.

During his daily collection of old newspapers and unwanted electronics, the man encounters a folded heart and resolves to learn how to fold one to please his son.

This spot has garnered around 97,000 views on Facebook, with 1,800 reactions and 1,200 shares.


This heartwarming Tesco spot showcases how the supermarket giant went out of its way to give customers a chance to show their appreciation through the supermarket's sound system to not only fathers, but husbands as well who are fathers. The announcement was a surprise to the fathers involved, with some even shedding tears.

The video has garnered over 356,000 views on YouTube since its launch on 6 June.




Dockers featured different families from different backgrounds, of different ages and ethnic backgrounds. It explores what each individual has learned from their father, sharing what their usual time and experience with their fathers is like and how they feel about their parents.

The spot has gain 231,000 views on YouTube since its launch on 31 May.



Philips Home Living Singapore

Philips teamed up with the creative minds at iris Singapore to launch its latest project to bridge this gap in emotional intimacy and help those who are struggling to voice out their paternal affection.

The campaign kick-starts with a film launched on the Philips Home Living Facebook (Singapore). It tells the story of Melvin, who just like most of us, finds it “challenging” and “weird” to tell his dad that he loves him, and concedes that sharing feelings with each other is not something they would do.

The iris team hijacked the most practical part of a gift, the instruction manual, to get sentimental. It replaced the usual guide with a highly personalised manual and helped Melvin show his affection to his father. An in-store activation will follow suit at Best Denki, Ngee Ann City from 16th to 18th June for consumers to customise their own instruction manual to go along with their Fathers’ Day gift.