99.co spoofs Singapore Police Force's crime alert signboard in latest OOH ad

While it is common to see bus-stop OOH ads and digital ads on a regular basis, property portal 99.co took it up a notch and mimicked a police signboard alert with its own spin. The local property company placed a real estate alert at Tanjong Pagar, listing the number of properties for sale and rent in the vicinity.

Sharing the creativity behind the ad, 99.co's creative lead Ruiming He told Marketing the property portal space is competitive, where one has to constantly be present in consumer's minds. According to He, while social and digital marketing is great, it becomes easy to forget the potency of a cheeky ad placed in the physical world. The property company aims to raise awareness of its listings in the area and also to elevate awareness for the brand.

Done entirely in-house, the team at 99.co imitated the police "crime alert" signboard to detail, and included the commonly used catchphrase by the police, "A shared responsibility. Together we can...". He explained to Marketing that the idea sprung about after the Singapore Police Force (SPF) showcased its creativity with an outdoor sign last week referencing action movie Fight Club.

"Not being able to find a home that suits one's needs (and budget) is a crime in itself and requires immediate solutions - an estate alert board seems fitting and appropriate. Hopefully, the police won't be too offended. Imitation is the best form of flattery, no?" he said.

The 99.co team spent SG$1,000 on the board, an SG$2,000 for board placement at Tanjong Pagar. He added that while some companies still pay SG$3,000 for a banner ad or run-of-the-mill social posts, placing a signboard was a no-brainer to the team as it will gain more attention than those. According to He, the signboard was an experiment to test the appetite of both consumers and the authorities for unorthodox types of advertising. He said that team will continue to place more signs around Singapore and that it is important for people know the available housing opportunities in each neighborhood.

The property company recently snapped up iProperty.com.sg and Rumah123.com in Singapore and Indonesia in a joint venture with REA Group. REA Group CEO Owen Wilson said the Singapore marketplace is “ripe for disruption” and joining forces with 99.co would create the market presence in terms of customers and listings. 99.co's CEO Darius Cheung will become CEO of the JV company.

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