8 Super Bowl ads to give you the feels and the laughs

Are you watching Super Bowl from your living room, losing sleep and drowning in beer, cold cuts and late-night dim sum. Forget commercial break – check out our selection of the best Super Bowl ads for 2015.

1. Minions

Ever wondered why you’re so glued to the screen for the big game? Find out here.

2. Doritos: Middle Seat

Because nothing screams, “Don’t sit next to me!” like a cold and shameless toe-nail clipping.

3. Budweiser: Lost Dog

A heart-wrenching and touching story of a lost dog finding its way home that also brings home the idea behind the brand’s slogan “Best Buds”.

4. Coca Cola: Make It Happy

A statement against cyber-bullying or a more general cheer for being positive and kind? There’s only one way to find out.

5. McDonald’s: Random Acts of Lovin’

New ways to pay for your meal at the fast food chain that revolve around the theme of love.

6. Skittles: Settle It

Flex those muscles for your favourite Skittle.

7. Toyota

A story of perseverance and sportswomanship.

8. Dove Men: Calls for Dad

This ad puts you in the shoes of Super Bowl fans who are also fathers.

[Top Image]: Universal Pictures

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