70% of marketers failed to deliver in 2013

According to a Fournaise finding, an astounding 70% of marketers failed to deliver the expected performance – be it more sales, larger market share or higher conversion.

The following results were found by measuring marketers using performance-tracking big data:

  • Seventy-one percent of marketers focused on campaigns and budgets on new media; however, the same percentage of marketers spent less effort and time in researching, developing and testing relevant product and communication value propositions within the same campaign.
  • Seventy percent of marketers believed marketing automation, ommi-channels executions and big data management would be the game changers of last year. Marketers spent money on these methods rather than deepening the understanding of their consumers and developing products that attracted them.

The conclusion deduced from the research is before choosing the right media channels, the campaigns need to be created using the right research data.

“Unfortunately, we tracked that most customer value propositions were not audience-attractive and not audience-relevant enough last year,” said Jerome Fontaine, global CEO and chief tracker of Fournaise.

“Our advice to marketers for 2014 is that if they want to deliver business results, they should remember that everything must start with the right communication value proposition and the right architectures – without them, talking about customer experience or engagement is just a waste of time.”

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