5 rising YouTube content creators you must know in Singapore

Google has released its list of top trending videos in Singapore on YouTube for the year 2018. According to Google owned YouTube, Singaporeans’ support for local talents and content shone through as eight spots on the list featured Singapore's own productions and content. Collectively, all the videos garnered over millions of views, it claimed.

According to Angeline Leow, head of communications, Google Singapore, YouTube is a "playground" for more than four million Singaporeans who tune in each month to be entertained, and for creators seeking to express themselves. "It is great to witness home-grown content and talents do exceptionally well in the list this year, and it proves that we are more than capable of creating great videos to engage audiences at home and around the region," she added.

Google highlighted  the top 5 rising creators in Singapore for 2018
1. Millennials of Singapore
2. Sushii Films - Fortnite Movies
3. Rock The Block Live
4. Playtime TV
5. Titan & Gaius

Meanwhile here are the most watched non-music videos in Singapore:

1. We Are Singapore - NDP 2018 Theme Song
Local singer-songwriter Charlie Lim was behind this classic remake of the 1987's "We Are Singapore". Circulating online and on TV over the National Day period, the spot has over two million views.

2. JJ Lin - Sound of My Dream
Local singer JJ Lin performed on the Chinese reality TV show called Sound of My Dream. The spot has over 14 million views, since its release in January this year.

3. Night Owl Cinematics - 12 Types of Classmates
Produced by local creators Night Owl Cinematics, the spot features local celebrities such as Jianhao Tan, Dee Koh, Hirzi and others. The video has over a million views, released in May 2018.

4. Top 10 goals - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia
Released in July 2018, the video has garnered over 23 million views. The spot features highlights of the goals occurred during Russia's FIFA World Cup tournament.

5. Jianhao Tan - 12 Teachers you'll never want to meet
In this spot, Jianhao feature a classroom setting and different variations of a teacher that a student would "never want to meet". The spot has over 10 million views.

6. Naomi Neo - Getting Married | Naomi Neo's Wedding
Local celebrity Naomi Neo published a recount of her wedding. Uploaded in March, the spot has approximately one million views.

7. AsapSCIENCE - Do You Hear "Yanny" or "Laurel"?
Clinching the seventh spot, Singaporeans have looked to YouTube to solve the “Yanny” and “Laurel” audio illusion that essentially split the Internet into two camps. Did you hear “Yanny” or “Laurel”?

8. CNA Insider - Inside Singapore's Only Women's Prison 
Viewers were given an unprecedented level of access to Singapore’s only women’s prison through the CNA Insider documentary. Beyond carrying batons and pepper spray, the prison officer's role has evolved to helping offenders turn their lives around. The spot has more than 800,000 views.

9. Channel 8 - Chinese New Year
Channel 8 released a festive tune for Chinese New Year, along with a video on YouTube. The spot has more than one million views.

10. Buzzfeed - We Tried Four Different Breakfasts In Singapore
Buzzfeed published a video, where its hosts visited hawker centres to try four different breakfasts in Singapore. The spot over two million views.

Apart from its wide gamut of content, YouTube also saw a wave of content creators. As such, YouTube Singapore released its second "Rising Creators List" to highlight emerging creators who have seen exceptional growth in their subscribers over the year.

Millennials of Singapore came up top by tackling topics that resonate with young viewers including familial and partner relationships as well as spotlighting inspirational stories of millennials. Following closely behind is Sushii Films, which produced blockbuster-quality films on Fortnite, the worldwide gaming sensation. Eugene Tay, host of Rock The Block Live took the third place by breaking down "hot" financial topics such as blockchain and cryptocurrency, while Playtime TV - the latest addition to Titan Digital Media by Jianhao Tan - also garnered audience's attention for its family-friendly content.

Singapore’s YouTube community continues to see dynamic growth in 2018, as more users are in tune with the local creators and the content available. In addition to more creators coming on board, Wah!Banana also became the third channel to hit one million subscribers, while JianHao Tan received over two million subscribers, making them both one of the top YouTube channels in Singapore. Internationally, Ministry of Funny was the only Singaporean channel selected for YouTube’s global initiative, Creators for Change , which spotlights inspirational creators who use YouTube’s global reach to change conversations around tough issues and make a truly positive impact on the world.