5 cringeworthy government rap ads

While I enjoy my share of Kanye West and 50 Cent, what I can't warm to are the rap tunes these government agencies are putting out with their ads. Check out the whole shudder-worthy list here.

1. Public Utilities Board's "Water Wally Shower Dance Music Video"

The Public Utilities Board latest campaign titled "Water Wally Shower Dance Music Video" was released in a social media post. Being a sucker for punishment, I had to check it out.

With trance music playing in the background, a voice raps encouragingly telling individuals not to waste water because "a five minute shower is all you need."

To further drive the message home, the chorus goes:

"Keep it to five, keep it five
Time to save, water is life
Keep it five, keep it to five
We do it so right when we keep it to five"

I wish the video would have kept it under five as well, because that's five minutes of my youth I'll never get back.

Check it out:


2. Media Development Authority’s rap video

Who could forget this gem? While I more than welcome my senior management team hitting the clubs or heading out for a karaoke session with the younger executives, I plead you not to make the same horrific mistake MDA did.


MDA roped together its CEO Christopher Chia, along with several other senior MDA executives to strut their stuff in, rapping at the industry: "Get creative, can do, rock on!"

"Yes, yes, Ya'll. [They] don't stop" - please stop.

3. Military Medicine Institute’s rap song

Another rap message by the government that caught my ear ran on local radio Power 98.

Created couple of years ago by Military Medicine Institute to encourage all NS men & regulars to keep a healthy lifestyle, the campaign (thankfully or unfortunately) ran on until December of last year.

The rap goes:

I'll wash my hands
'Cause flu is real
You understand?

Yo! Everyday
I'll chow some fruits
I'll munch some veggies
Kick out my junkies

These are NS men the ad is speaking to. Men who potentially need to defend our honour when times get trialing. Ask yourself Singapore, is it really necessary they need to be publicly told to wash their hands, chow some fruits and munch some veggies?

Feel free to drop me a line if you want to hear the whole rap-lyrics.

4. SMRT’s MRT rap

Anybody remember Phua Chu Kang's MRT rap from four years ago titled "A Happy Journey Starts Like That!"? No? Why would you when the most memorable thing about that video was his mole.

"Yes, yes, Ya'll. [They] don't stop" - please stop.


Created by Land Transport Authority (LTA), the rap asks everyone to have a happy journey by moving to the back of the public transport.  How is this done? By our favourite local contractor threatening the public with a kick or a shove.

Here's what he says:

Hey you, pretending to sleep [Maybe he really was sleeping!]
Nodding and drooling on the reserved seat
Not pregnant, old or really in need
Excuse me while I give you a kick

5. SAR-VIVOR rap

But the LTA video pales in comparison to the one created about six years ago called SAR- VIVOR during the SARS epidemic. Let me refresh your memory.


The chorus goes:

SARS is a virus
I just wanna minus.
No more surprises.
Use your brain (X3)

While only in school at that point, I remember classmates chanting it or poking fun at it whilst gathering at the assembly. Of all the rap videos  I've seen, I'd say this video was pretty successful getting the message across! (Don't judge me for this.)

While these certainly stick in your head (hello insomnia), there’s got to be a less embarrassing way to get a message across.

Meanwhile, rest in peace Tupac.