5 ads that knew how to use cats creatively

Yesterday we ran an article on STB’s new campaign featuring our neighbourhood kitty cats. The video was uploaded on to STB’s Facebook page on the 13 January and in less than a week, the campaign has already hit 162k views on Facebook and over 3,600 likes. It had over 5,200 shares at the time of writing.

Check out the video:

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It's not just people that paint the colours of Singapore, but also our many neighbourhood felines. Which kitty will emerge as the most legendary of them all? #YourSingapore #Cats

Posted by YourSingapore on Wednesday, January 13, 2016


In a statement to Marketing, STB said the video was born out of the fact that it wanted to experiment with content that could entertain its audience and yet showcase the Singapore destination in an interesting way.

By now we all know, simply placing cats in your videos doesn’t ensure success. With all things social, there is a clear strategy involved.

Kimberley Olsen, business lead of social at Mirum, the agency involved in the social aspect of the the STB cat video, said there isn’t any secret per se, but more of finding a topic that would cater to the interest of both locals and tourists alike that would resonate on social.

“The video content proposed by Mirum at the time, went with the direction that didn’t just attract tourists alone, but to increase advocacy amongst a very localised piece of content. Something that interests both Singaporeans and the entire world – cats,” she said.

She added that the agency actively looked out for patterns of when fans were most active on the YourSingapore Facebook page using both insights and learnings from past content reports. This helped identify the best time to post the video to ensure we had our fans attention.

And of course at the heart of it, is the creative content you create.

Creative partner of local agency GOVT, Aaron Koh said creatively, the video has great insight to showcase the various locations and quirkiness of Singapore using cats as messengers.

“The basic principles to me are that if a video is brilliant, it will be brilliant. Otherwise, it will be brilliantly stupid. You could have your cats, cats in boxes, cats running away, cats...just looking cute, but not all cat videos go viral at the end of the day. It is how you position it and how you see it as a regular audience, not as an ad person,” said Koh.

So here is a list of four other ads that we think have done a great job in cutting through the clutter purr-fectly.

1. Three UK

A little girl on a bike and a cute furry cat – singing Starship’s “We built this City”. Need we say more? The ad was created by telecommunications and internet service provider Three UK.



2. Lotte Japan

Trust the folks in Japan to really think out of the box and get creative in their ads. This ad features a friendly giant cat dropping an executive at work after he pops a Lotte in his mouth.


3. Skittles

Ah Skittles – the rainbow makers. According to an article on Adweek, this spot is part of the "Touch" series from BBDO in Toronto.

Disclaimer: Towards the end of the video, things get a little frisky.


4. John St

This one is my personal favourtie. It is an ad created by ad agency John St on the phenomenon of “catvertising”. The spot encapsulates this entire article perfectly. Enjoy!


Got anymore cool cat ads to share? Share with us below.