4FINGERS pokes fun at KFC Singapore’s saucy wings with comic strip

Homegrown brand 4FINGERS has taken a cheeky jab at KFC Singapore’s latest saucy wings for carrying flavours similar to its own. The two flavours in question are its soy garlic and chili flavours named “Garlickin’ Soy” and “Chillikin’ Hot”.

In a comic strip on Facebook, the first scene shows a man saying “Alright gentleman, we need a new idea. We need flavours like 4FINGERS .” The subsequent scene then lists the flavours which 4FINGERS currently offers for its wings – Soy Garlic and Hot. The last scene in the comic strip shows three individuals, presumably from the management team, staring at the words “Ours: Garlickin’ Soy and Chillikin’ Hot” in horror.

In a statement to Marketing, 4FINGERS ‘ head of marketing Arun Ratnaa said when it saw a particular international brand get inspired by its homegrown offering, the company took it as a huge compliment and saw an opportunity for some tongue in cheek fun. He added that ROI was not at the top of 4FINGERS ‘ minds when it executed the post. Instead, it wanted to create engaging content for followers to have fun with.

“We wanted to execute something light-hearted, cheeky and let our followers figure out the rest themselves,” Ratnaa said.

Actstitude, a social media agency based in Malaysia and Singapore, was involved in the post. Its managing director and co-founder, Alvin Kok, said: “The team brainstormed for a cheeky idea to talk about the competitor’s saucy wings since 4FINGERS first came up with it.”

Many netizens were tickled by jab that 4FINGERS threw at KFC Singapore, calling 4FINGERS “savage” and some added that it was “a garlickin’ burn”. Some netizens also tagged KFC in the post, encouraging it to respond. Marketing has reached out to KFC for comment.

(Photo courtesy: 4FINGERS Facebook page)

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