4As Kancil Awards takes a break this year

The annual Kancil Awards will take a break this year for a revamp, for the first time in 20 years.

The revamp aims to create healthy and transparent competition. With the push-pull factors between advertisers and agencies – it will also want to align with the industry’s continual transformation in areas such the use of big data, convergence of multiple disciplines and media platforms, disruptive technological advancements, accessible information, and social media active consumers, said Tan Kien Eng, Kancil Awards’ creative council chairman.

The revamped event is scheduled to take place in the first quarter 2017, and it will ensure that the full body of work created by agencies this year is eligible for judging. Notable changes will be seen in categories such as business, channel, craft, and special awards.

“We recognise the urgent need to refresh the Kancil Awards to remain relevant and adaptable to stay attuned to emerging new business models,” Dato’ Johnny Mun, 4As President said.

Tan added the organisation will also upload all submissions online for public viewing one month ahead of the judging. The public is encouraged to share their opinions and raise concerns if they spot any suspicious submissions, to allow the 4As to investigate and take appropriate action before judging commences.

Last year the awards saw a fair bit of controversy where Dentsu was accused of plagiarism.


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