3 biggest mistakes in video content marketing

Creating video content is one of the most fulfilling parts of any job.

A couple of times a year, you get the rare opportunity to communicate your brand to consumers with a full creative license. You’ve spent months watching other ad campaigns and you’ve pieced your favourite ones together. Now it’s time to go and make it.

But, it didn’t work. In fact, it created an ocean between your brand and consumer. Suddenly all of these ideas you thought were so wonderful weren’t so great.

Producing relevant videos for your audience attracts them to your product. It is the chance to inspire them to talk about your brand socially. Good videos finish up in bars well into the night.

So why is video content so difficult to master?

Problem 1: You can’t stop talking about yourself

Do you talk and talk and never shut up about yourself? Do you go on about how long your commute was or how much you want to divorce your husband? Self-indulgent and brand centric videos is like being a selfish friend. Instead of caring about the people around you, you focus on yourself. Uh.

Good conversations are about questions. Find out how everyone’s doing. Make them feel special. Don’t talk at them.

If you aren’t focused on sparking a conversation, you should probably accept the fact that your audience won’t care.

No more “me”. Create a two-way conversation. You will become an authority in your field by focussing on your customers’ interests, not your scripted selling points.

Problem 2: You are scared of long term relationships

Did I strike a nerve? Okay, so if you’re not focused on a long-term relationship with a friend, it’s pretty unlikely the friendship will last. The same goes for content marketing.

In a recent report by Forrester Research, content creation is still too focused on “closing the deal, not on building relationships.”

Create compelling stories that strike an emotional chord with your audience. You’ll increase the likelihood of forming a long-lasting connection. Who doesn’t like a good story? Genuine and memorable narratives relate to our everyday experiences. Be a human, not a robot.

Problem 3: You hate your body

Each individual is unique. When you know who you are and learn to accept it, you are a more interesting person to spend time with. It’s no different with your brand. Without learning to love your brand and feeling confident with it, you’re unlikely to take a risky approach to engage your audience.

Being normal is boring. We’re all attracted to people that are a little weird (sometimes a lot weird). But that’s what makes life so awesome because we are all unique. Be yourself and embrace it.

Benjamin Potter is creative director at CLICKON