National Bookstore reveals first design collab with Rajo Laurel

National Bookstore (NBS) has unveiled its first-ever designer collaboration for the brand with a line of limited edition products crafted by celebrated fashion icon Rajo Laurel.

Notebooks, pens, tumblers and umbrellas were “Rajofied” with the designer’s metallic and circular motifs as an attempt of the country’s largest bookstore to introduce stylish products to the mass market without jeopardizing function.

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Made in time for the holidays, Rajo’s collaboration with National Book Store began earlier this year from ideas pitched by Xandra Ramos-Padilla, NBS purchasing director.

A self-confessed NBS fan, Rajo pounced on the chance to place his creative stamp and brand on mundane products that are hardly on the cat walk.

“I for one can be quite particular with my projects and I am so fortunate that NBS understood this and gave me the freedom to really give our 100% to the consumers. “

“Every little detail was carefully thought out from the labels, to the tags to the packaging even to how the products will be merchandised.  I always believed in having a strong sense of Integrity with every collaboration.  So I was really involved in all aspects,” Rajo said in his blog.

A mini-fashion show held at the NBC Tent this 16 October officially introduced the Rajo+ National Bookstore collab to the public. The entire collection will be available in stores starting 18 October in National Bookstore and Power books stores nationwide.

Rajo has collaborated with many brands in the past, mostly dealing with fashion. His recent design tie-ups include a line of denim and perfume for Bench and women’s and men’s shoes for SM’s Parisian and Milanos brands. He also did a collaboration with Red Ribbon for designer cakes and matresses for Uratex.