2008: The rich prefer news, biz sites

To successfully reach the elusive influential, wealthy and high-performing consumers at the top of the corporate tree Singapore marketers nominated news and business sites as their preferred vehicles.

At a time when consumers are rationalising their media consumption, it is the highest achievers and therefore the busiest who are most likely to dodge more and more traditional media. However business runs on information and it is therefore logical for marketers to want to target these guys through business and news websites.

This will be an even firmer trend as more online viewing goes mobile allowing more of these high net worthers and company leaders to absorb more information in transit.

For the question of how marketers would target CEOs and MDs, 19.23% of respondents named MediaCorp’s Channel NewsAsia site as their preferred media followed by 15.38% who named AsiaOne. Respondents did however, also name Yahoo and Google in the top 10 along with Bloomberg, CNN, Forbes, stock and trading sites Poems and Stocks and just scrapping into the top 10, the Straits Times site.

The CEO and MD category revealed an interesting disparity between the agency and client respondents to the survey where on the agency side the Channel NewsAsia scored the top spot with 30.77% of the vote, while the top rated site to target this audience among clients themselves was CNN with 23.08% of the vote.

Equally when the surveyed marketers sought out business travellers and investors they also selected more specialised sites over the search engines. For targeting business travellers, the surveyed marketers chose as their number one site CNN (17.50%), which appears to be reaping the fruits of its strong marketing push around the mobility of its content. Channel NewsAsia also scored highly for targeting business travellers with 15% of the vote.

In the category of targeting investors online Bloomberg scored top marks with 15.91% naming it as their favoured platform. The results indicate a preference for sites dense with content that can be seen as integrating into the lives of time-poor executives —  stock and shares information, geo-political news and general news, even weather and travel updates, which may impact the businesses of these top level senior executives and their ability to conduct businesses effectively, are viewed as good options to get messages into their lives.

Leaving it to the specialists: Travel, tech, cars and property

Leisure travel and technology were two other areas where the surveyed marketers favoured specialist sites over search engines. HardwareZone scored well among marketers to target the technology hungry and for both leisure and business.

The site was the clear winner (57.14%) in the desirable early adopters category and the site appears to have cemented its reputation as one of the online success stories in the local market, having made the transition from enthusiast site in the late nineties to a seriously commercially viable platform, which as survey’s results indicate, marketers want to be a part of.

Along with the early adopter category HardwareZone also took out the consumer electronics segment (32.81%) and tied with competitor CNET in the category targeting corporate IT managers.

Travel deal aggregator Zuji pulled ahead of the search engines and scored top marks in the leisure travel segment of the survey, securing 20% of the vote over Google’s 18.18% and Yahoo’s 14.55%. Meanwhile in the luxury car market Google and Yahoo took the top two slots while specialists, Singapore’s own sgCarMart, a relative newcomer, took out third position with just over 10% of the vote in a very fragmented category where a large number of different sites were named by participants from general news sites to general classified sites.

In the property category when asked where they would advertise to reach potential buyers results showed the MediaCorp-owned classifieds site Mocca was the preferred choice, securing 23.64% of the vote and easily edging out Google, its nearest competitor.

The results in these particular areas indicate there are a number of sites across several categories which have managed to create front of mind awareness with marketers and also, looking at the sites they have chosen as their preferred online media, that it’s important these sites have been around for at least a few years to prove they aren’t going to disappear.

There is still plenty of opportunity for media owners to own several of the other categories where, for the moment marketers have chosen search engines over specialist sites.

Companies featured:

  • Hardware Zone Pte Ltd
  • MediaCorp News

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