11street discloses the 3 countries Malaysians love to buy from

Following its "Shop The World" campaign over a five-week period, 11street has found some behavioral traits of Malaysian shoppers.

Firstly, Malaysians loved products from Korea, Taiwan and the USA. Consequently, these three countries were also the most popular countries with the highest number of purchases. Closer to home, consumers from Johor emerged as the top two online shoppers in Malaysia, hot on the trail of those in Klang Valley. 95% of their purchases consisting of skincare and make-up items.

At the same time, 11street disclosed that during this period, seven out of 10 products bought on its platform were items that are not available at local brick-and-mortar stores.

The results of the campaign showed that more women were purchasing international products online during the campaign, and pointed that a bulk of the online shoppers fall between the 18 to 35 years old age group. In previous campaigns, these product categories – health and beauty; fashion; and electronics – have always been the three most purchased by consumers. However, resulting its campaign, 11street let out a surprise – that Malaysians have taken an unexpected interest in purchasing books and media online.

Chief executive officer of 11street, Hoseok Kim said: “What a whirlwind of a campaign "Shop The World’" was! It has not only opened a gateway for Malaysians to global shopping but also enabled them to discover remarkable items that they have always wanted to purchase but never had the opportunity. This reinstates the mission of our campaign – to fulfill Malaysians’ cravings for more international product selections that are easily available online via 11street.”

On the back of its successful campaign, 11street has also redefined and expanded its "Global Street" section to continue offering Malaysians an opportunity to shop the world like the true global shoppers they are.

Kim added: “Apart from categorising global product by country, which therefore allows shoppers to search for products from a specific country, 11street has expanded its global profile to offer products from Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand.”

“We revamp our website to enhance Malaysians’ online shopping experience. Upon the positive responses we have received from our ‘Shop The World’ campaign, it has cemented our belief that Malaysians love shopping for international products, and since we have enabled them to buy items that they cannot find locally, we must continue this mission to bring more product variety locally as well as from other countries for their choosing.

“Furthermore, the new interface of 11street will also enrich their browsing experience to search for popular products at competitive price. This decision to refresh our website is just one of many steps on our end to offer an unforgettable shopping platform for our shoppers, so do keep a lookout for our next campaign,” Kim concluded.