10 ads Malaysians viewed the most

Google Malaysia released its YouTube Ads leaderboard for the months of January-June 2015 for Malaysia.

This list represents the 10 ads on YouTube that resonated most with audiences across the country over the first six months of the year. This leaderboard celebrates the brands that performed best in Malaysia through a combination of popularity and promotion.

Here are the top trends from this half-year leaderboard:

  • Seizing the moment. With Chinese New Year celebrations falling within the six-month period, it’s no surprise that half of the ads were related to this important festive occasion. Four of the ads did really well to tell great, emotional stories around the theme of family, homecoming and nostalgia for the New Year.
  • Ads that take their time. The leaderboard is yet again dominated by ads that were born digital, with formats created specifically with YouTube’s audience in mind. If we look at the length of the videos: all 10 are well beyond the traditional TV 30 seconds, with three ads past the 7 minute mark with the longest close to 12 minute. This shows that viewers on YouTube will engage with longer videos from brands as long as there is a compelling, emotional pull.
  • Lights, camera, ads! What’s really striking about these ads is their cinematic quality, Maxis’ “This Is My Name”, with its carefully crafted shots and thoughtful voiceover, plays more like a short film than an ad. Tenaga’s tale of un-neighbourly competition is also entertaining as a short film in its own right and Knife’s 10-minute tale of a daughter’s reconciliation with her mother is an emotional story first, a way to promote cooking oil second. The reason why these brands have taken the time to create these great stories is that no one comes to YouTube looking for ads, but if brands have stories to tell, why not?

These are the top 10 ads:


# Brand Title
1 Malaysia Airlines https://youtu.be/9DB5lMEnsZs
2 Hotlink https://youtu.be/bTEt4wCNqSY
3 Maxis https://youtu.be/JpopjtwJHE0
4 Tesco https://youtu.be/v-vtS-xT-UE
5 Tenaga Nasional https://youtu.be/Hpcb3SN7bmc
6 Nestle Koko Krunch https://youtu.be/sNhgLhRz_m8
7 Honda https://youtu.be/zYa4SXU3U1k
8 Knife https://youtu.be/U3GzP9fp_Wo
9 Samsung https://youtu.be/ecnJ60Kzwa0
10 11street https://youtu.be/10Hl7Sn9c1k

“These ads show the amazing creativity alive today in the Malaysian ads industry — and it’s creativity that would not exist without digital’s “canvas”. Sometimes digital can seem to be all about technology, but the real promise of digital video ads is that it frees up brands and agencies to spend more time doing what they do best — getting creative — leaving computers to figure out the hard stuff like when and where to show an ad,” Google said in a statement.