Zurich Insurance launches integrated brand campaign

Zurich Insurance (Hong Kong) has rolled out a multimedia advertisement that echoes the company’s attribute of providing flexible and tailormade products and services that embrace customers’ uniqueness.

With the tagline “Looking deeper. Protecting you better”, the ad conveys the message that a good insurance product should meet its customer’s protection needs individually.

In the 30-second commercial, it starts with a familiar Hong Kong cityscape backdrop with people dressed in similar blue white striped outfits. From afar, everyone is alike - seemingly identical in their looks as well as their needs in life, to arouse people to think of the promotion tagline, "Can one insurance product really meet everyone's protection needs?"

Through close examination of the customers’ needs, the insurance brand said it offers simple, flexible and innovative insurance products and services that best protect its customers, allowing them to live their lives to the fullest.


Fiona Kwok, chief marketing officer of Zurich Insurance Hong Kong said that the company has been introducing different kind of general insurance and life insurance products that feature tailored elements in a way to offer a “flexible and simple suite of choices” to fit specific needs of the customers.

The newly launched commercial uses CG effects and aerial shooting and is available on various advertising channels, including television, social media and outdoor advertising, for the next two months.

Eric Hui, chief executive officer of the company, also made a cameo appearance in the advert, wearing a shirt with the company’s signature blue white stripes.

Creative agency: The Gate Worldwide
ATL media agency: UM
Digital media buy agency: MTag
Social media content and media buy agency: Beyond Digital