Zero Mobile claps back at Circles.Life's open letter to competitors

New telco in town, Zero Mobile has taken a shot at Circles.Life's recent founders' letter with a version of its own. Published on its website, Zero Mobile said Circles.Life's letter is "preoccupied with alternative facts".

This comes a day after Circles.Life released an ad, in the form of a letter on The Straits Times and The New Paper, to fellow telcos “red” (presumably, Singtel) and “green” (ironically, StarHub) in Singapore. The letter said that its competitors “finally recognised that its customers are not happy”.

In Zero Mobile's open letter, it calls out Circles.Life for saying it's the "world's first digital telco" when in fact it is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) and not the "first one of those" either.

When you build a few towers and stop renting network from an actual telco, then you might become one.

"And what's with the whole digital thing? Digital doesn't need to mean difficult," the letter said, adding that it sees Circles.Life customers posting all over social media demanding better service.

If the clap backs were not enough, Zero Mobile added that Circles.Life's terminology "really trips them up", attributing it to the latter's "no-contract" service despite the minimum two months term for its plans.

In Circles.Life's founders letter, the telco highlighted it was "giving power back to customers", but Zero Mobile countered this saying it raised its 4G allocation on unlimited data plans from 30gb to 45gb for all its existing and new customers. "We didn't think it was that big a deal, but it's more than you, so it seems we're giving the power back to our customers too."

It also called Circles.Life charges for incoming calls "so last century". The letter said Circles.Life cannot take credit for what is happening in the industry and that actual telcos are repositioning for the "imminent arrival of a new actual telco player", adding that it has "nothing to do with [Circles.Life]".

Zero Mobile was not holding back and raised a point on behalf of the other telcos in Singapore, the "red", the “green”, "orange" (undoubtedly M1) as well as the soon-to-be new Aussie friends (possibly TPG Telecom slated to operate in Singapore this year), saying:

So, don't be worried about our red, green, orange and soon-to-be new Aussie friends. Just keep trying to give customers what they actually want and you'll be fine.

"The one thing we can definitely agree on is that the more choice Singapore consumers have, the better it is. And our door is always open for them."

Zero Mobile entered the Singapore market in September 2017, licensed by Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) to provide mobile services in Singapore. The telco also claims to have no lock-in contract plans in its services.