ZALORA's Group CEO Parker Gundersen exits

ZALORA's Group CEO Parker Gundersen (pictured) will be leaving the company at the end of May for personal reasons. Gundersen joined ZALORA in 2016 and has worked with the leadership team to grow the brand and improve overall profitability.

He also helped affirm ZALORA's position as the leading online fashion destination in greater Southeast Asia, the press statement read. Gundersen said that ZALORA’s evolution as a fashion platform is a testament to the great progress it has made in improving product offering, building stronger relationships with its brand partners and strengthening its positioning in the market.

In a statement to Marketing, ZALORA's spokesperson said the search for his successor is underway and an announcement will be made once a new CEO is named.

ZALORA’s brand positioning has been strengthened through a revamped site and catalogue, television and online partnerships including Asia’s Next Top Model and How Do I Look Asia?, and a number of exclusive product launches with local and international brand partners. Among the list of international and local fashion and lifestyle brands it works with include Calvin Klein, J.Crew, Hugo Boss, Abercrombie & Fitch and Adidas.

"I want to thank the team for all of the hard work getting ZALORA to where it is today and wish them continued success moving forward," he added.

“Gundersen has reinforced ZALORA’s strength as the preferred multi-brand fashion platform in Southeast Asia. I want to thank Gundersen for his leadership and ongoing commitment to ZALORA, and for supporting a smooth transition in the coming months," Patrick Schmidt, co-CEO of global fashion group, which owns ZALORA, said.