ZALORA offers data solutions to partner brands to replace 'guesswork'

ZALORA has launched a data-solutions service, TRENDER, that will enable brands to have access to valuable data analytics, such as consumer insights, geo segmentation, buying behavior, design intelligence, assortment and pricing insights. Under the service, TRENDER is releasing a COVID-19 Sales Dashboard to help brands understand the shift in the retail trends during the COVID-19 period. The insights aims to help analyse the shift from mobile to desktop and helping track the change in customer’s demand and shopping behaviour pre and post COVID-19, such as increase in sales in nightwear and activewear categories.

According to a press release, ZALORA has analysed data of over 2.6 million active customers in six markets and has translated it into meaningful insights to enable members from various departments from marketers, merchandisers to designers.

TRENDER offers two products: TRENDER Basic and TRENDER Professional. TRENDER Basic provides a simplified PDF report of key market, product and customer insights. It is catered for brands who do not require a high level of customisation but want to stay on top of trends in their particular market and category, according to ZALORA.

TRENDER Professional povides interactive dashboards that allow brands to view product insights and customer data. ZALORA said it seeks to enable brand partners to engage fashion consumers in the region more effectively with the new service. 

Gunjan Soni, ZALORA CEO, said it sees a demand for access to data with over most of its partner brands expressing interest in such a service. “It is timely that we harvest and put these data into good use, replace the guesswork for marketing, merchandising and even designing. Southeast Asia is a complex region with varied customer preferences, this service can help brands unlock more opportunities in reaching out to consumers and is a testament of our commitment to our partnership with them," Soni added. 

In a previous interview with Marketing, ZALORA’s group director brand communications Christopher Daguimol also pointed out the importance of a data-driven approach. According to him, having a data-driven approach can help brands to be on top of its consumers' trends and successfully anticipate the next ones. "Brands should be driving and acting on consumer insights and supplementing cultural understanding with data-backed consumer behaviour, in order to launch successful marketing campaigns that wow consumers," Daguimol said.

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