Y&R HK wins Dutch Lady account, rolls out parent-child centric video

FrieslandCampina's milk brand Dutch Lady has launched a new integrated campaign with its newly-appointed creative agency Y&R Hong Kong.

Themed ‘building active and happy family together’, the campaign taps local TV star, Tsui Wing, and his family to encourage parents to put down their smartphones or work, go out, and enjoy some quality time with their children, to encourage having an active and happy family.

In the initial teaser video, Tsui’s family are seated at breakfast. His son, Karson, excitedly invites them to head out for a bike ride. Unfortunately, both his parents are too immersed in paperwork or their smartphone to oblige his request. Karson feels disappointed in not receiving attention from his parents and thinks his cute baby sister, Bao Bao, is the only person who can keep him company.

The full video reveals Karson recruiting the help of Bao Bao to attract their parents’ attention. An outdoor family picnic and bike-ride ensue, with plenty of Dutch Lady UHT milk for active and happy family time.

"This new campaign encourages Hong Kong parents to reflect on their own behaviour and the example they are setting to their children. By creating an initial scenario that, in today’s hectic world, many people will find all too familiar, we want to advocate the benefits of an active family lifestyle – with Dutch Lady supporting their nutritional needs," said Tracy Fung, sales and marketing director of Dutch Lady Hong Kong.

"We appointed Y&R Hong Kong as our agency partner for their strength of insight and integrated creative approach, hopefully together we can inspire people to enjoy more quality and healthy family time."

Beverly Ho, general manager of Y&R Hong Kong, “Being appointed as the creative agency of Dutch Lady was a great start to the year, and the campaign has been a lot of fun to create. It’s also reflective of how our agency is growing to produce insightful, integrated solutions that seek to deliver results for our clients."