Y&R launches shopper marketing network Labstore in SG

Y&R has launched Labstore, Y&R Advertising’s digitally-led retail and shopper marketing network in Singapore.

Y&R Labstore Singapore will offer clients solutions in disciplines ranging from communications, activations, identity, merchandising, plus retail and store design. Through Labstore, clients can gain access to resources such as shopper research and insights, and specialist teams to lead retail marketing strategy and execution.

Shopper and retail business director Peter Miller(pictured) and creative director Mark Whyte are spearheading Y&R Labstore Singapore, which has already begun working with clients Energizer, Nestle, 3M and Olam International.

Miller heads up Y&R Labstore Singapore with over 35 years’ experience in the fields of branding, advertising, communications and marketing, specialising in retail environment.

Miller has consulted for the Singapore Government’s Design Engage program and spoken at brand and marketing conferences such as the Asia Business Review, Brandfest and Brand Loyalty Congress.

Similarly, Whyte has 30 years’ experience across branding, advertising, activation, design, corporate identity, integrated brand communication, retail communication, merchandising and design. He established Tequila’s Singapore and APAC regional offices in 1995, and his brand experiences include Visa, Symantec, Asia Pacific Breweries, Hennessy, Moët & Chandon, Tesco, Hardy’s and Harley Davidson, said the agency.

Y&R Labstore Singapore will be the latest in a string of openings around the world, having rolled out in more than 20 markets worldwide since 2014. In Asia, Labstore already thrives in Thailand and the Philippines.

Y&R Labstore Singapore lead Peter Miller is judging the Smart Retail Lab Hackathon, having also been a masterclass speaker.

According to Miller, shopper marketing is still an emerging field in Singapore and the region. He added, “Clients are more interested than ever in learning how they can address the needs of the modern shopper, and we are here to keep them up-to-date on the rapidly shifting trends.”

Whyte said, “The beauty of Labstore is that it integrates technology at all retail touchpoints. No-one shops in isolation anymore. The consumer is constantly social and digital, and so we must meet them in that space.”