Y&R Philippines’ ‘Water Lamp’ for North Face Wins Tinta Awards

Y&R Philippines’ Water Lamp for North Face was awarded a number of top honours including ‘Print Innovation of the Year’ and Grand Prix at the Tinta Awards which celebrate excellence in print advertising.

The Tinta Awards are held annually by United Print Media Group (UPMG), an organization of over 100 media titles, to celebrate the very best in print advertising in the Philippines.

The magazine ad for The North Face leads with the line, “Exploring at Night? Make a lamp using this ad.” Upon wetting a specific area, electrons begin to flow from zinc to copper, both embedded as electrochemical cells within the paper. Follow the folding instructions and the LED lamp provides light for over 12 hours.

Judel Llagas, Division Manager, The North Face commented, “The idea of the water-powered lamp was really amazing. It’s such an innovative concept, that with water you can have light and integrate it into an ad material. It espouses what North Face stands for. If we were to become a print ad – this would be us.”

Y&R Philippines’ Chief Creative Officer Badong Abesamis added, “We thank the Tinta Awards for our many top honours including 'Print Innovation of the Year' and Grand Prix. And at a time when some people are questioning the future of 'traditional' advertising, it's exciting to be creating ads like North Face 'Water Lamp' - proving that innovation can be achieved in many different ways, not just in digital."