YouTube shortens video attribution criteria for action ads

A week after introducing ad extensions, YouTube has tweaked its attribution criteria for TrueView for action video ads. This turns the attribution window for TrueView for action ads will be 10-seconds with a three-day default conversion window, as opposed to the initial default of 30-seconds with a 30-day conversion window.

This will see YouTube's system counting "engagements" as when a user clicks or watches 10-seconds or more of the TrueView for action ad. Meanwhile, a "conversion" will be counted when a user takes action on the ad within three days of an "engagement". The TrueView for action ads were designed for performance advertisers and to feature call-to-action banners at the base of the video ads.

According to Nicky Rettke, group product manager, YouTube in a blog post, the team had conducted large-scale experiments to analyse the incremental conversion volume driven by TrueView for action ads across a broad range of advertiser industries and conversion types.

With the implementation of shorter engagement-to-conversion window, there will be faster ramp up times for target CPA campaigns. This also includes "more accurate" conversion count and "more current" reporting.

This is not the latest update the video streaming platform has brought on-board. YouTube has launched targeting tools to help marketers engage with hard-to-reach audiences.

According to an Adweek article, this function will allow advertisers to engage audiences watching live TV on YouTube as well as those watching on-demand videos on the its platform via traditional TV sets. This includes YouTube audiences on computers, mobile phones and tablets in Google Ads as well as Display and Video 360 platform.

The article added that advertisers are able to optimise their campaigns by using different creative or adjusting the campaign’s bid setting for specific target audience types. In addition to this new service, a function called "Light TV Viewers" within Google Ads has also been released for media buyers. In the article, a YouTube spokesperson had said that these new additions are to match with the "traditional" elements of a marketer's media plan.

Marketing has reached out to YouTube for comment.

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