YouTube Malaysia most watched ads of 2013

YouTube has released its annual ads leaderboard results, ranking the top watched ads on YouTube Malaysia.

YouTube Malaysia has become a vied after platform for both creative agencies and brand campaigns, as leading brands expand into producing web only or web first campaigns. The advantage of digital ads is its ability to create engagement with consumers through interactive functions such as likes, comments, sharing and in some cases, a remake.

The results also noted the following:

  1. Brands are leaning towards releasing their campaigns on the web first.
  2. Creative professionals are ravelling in the freedom of creating work beyond the 30 seconds limit
  3. Consumers prefer ads that are humorous and can touch their hearts.
  4. Brands are coming up with campaigns that run exclusively on YouTube, due to its global reach of audiences.
  5. The most watched ads in Malaysia are Malaysian produce, emphasising that the community is full support of local content.

The top ten most watched ads are also dominated by technology, with Samsung’s Wind Chimes in a Bakery webisodes taking up two of the rankings among its other product launches. Petronas’ Merdeka and Malaysia Day 2013 webfilm ranked number one, with a follow up ranking in fourth for its Raya webfilm. LINE, the mobile communication app, Sony Xperia Z, as well as the infamous PSYalso made the list.

Watch all the TV ads here:

Pertronas Merdeka and Malaysia Day 2013 Webfilm: Children

Samsung Malaysia Wind Chimes in a Bakery - Episode 2

Samsung Malaysia Wind Chimes in a Bakery - Episode 1

Pertronas Raya 2013 Webfilm: Jahit

Samsung Introducing Samsung Galaxy S4

Sony Xperia Z: The Precision Engineered Full HD Smartphone

Samsung Chapter#1 Modiface Make Up

Samsung Introducing Samsung Galaxy Note 3


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