YouTube on big push for its top YouTube stars

YouTube is making a big play to get its YouTube stars in the limelight.

In a first for the online video channel, a spokesperson at YouTube has confirmed with Marketing that it will be marketing its most popular content-creators offline. This is aimed at pushing their demand online.

To do this, YouTube will be advertising on traditional media such as billboards, subway ads, and local TV spots in The States and Tokyo.

This is the first time YouTube is advertising campaigns around individuals, but the strategy is the same, said the spokesperson from YouTube. She added that by shining a spotlight on the creators, it helps the YouTube ecosystem in the long run, by encouraging people to discover more and subscribe to new channels.

"We’re hoping [this] will drive more traffic to their channels, and encourage more people to subscribe to their channels in the longer term. We’re constantly looking at ways to promote, showcase and celebrate the work of our creators, whether it’s through marketing campaigns like Comedy Week or our investments in the YouTube Spaces in LA, London and Tokyo,” she said.

According to Wired, approximately the top 5% of the overall content produced will be marketed and the initial ad campaigns for individuals include that for popular make up gurus Michelle Phan and Bethany Mota and baker Rosanna Pansino.

These content producers have a fan base totaling up to more than 13 million subscribers.