YouGov: Buzz around GOJEK drops but customer score continues to grow

Indonesian ride-hailing app GOJEK has seen a rise in brand perception since entering the Singaporean market, according to YouGov's BrandIndex statistics.

Initially launching the beta version of its app on iOS and Android app stores in Singapore late November last year, many Singaporeans had already heard positive things about GOJEK. GOJEK’s Buzz scores, which measures whether people have heard anything positive or negative about the brand, was already at a positive score of +15.9 on launch day. By the time that app was rolled out island-wide on 1 January 2019, its score had jumped to +28.3, increasing by 12.4 points.

However, since it announced it had raised over US$1bn in funding on 31 January 2019, there’s been less media exposure around the brand and its buzz scores begun to drop off. Nonetheless, Singaporean consumers are likely to recommend the brand to friends and family.

Apart from YouGov’s buzz score, GOJEK fared well in YouGov's recommend metric. Its score was at +5.6 at the time of the beta launch, but rose to +21.7 by the time the app was fully rolled out. Singaporean consumers’ likelihood to recommend GOJEK was for its value for money. Its value metric score was +4.4 at beta launch, but within a month rose to +16.4, seeing a 12-point increase. Since then, the brand’s value score has remained relatively constant.

According to YouGov, while some measures have plateaued, one that has continued to increase is its current customer score. The study said that the data on those who have used GOJEK in the past month, saw a steep rise. Starting with a score of +1.0 during beta launch, its current customer score rose to +11.4 once the app was fully rolled-out. It currently stands at +22.3.

Ervin Ha, YouGov head of data products said that GOJEK’s entrance to the Singapore market and its brand health performance since have been "impressive".

"It enjoyed good buzz even before it fully entered the market. We can also see that Singaporean consumers are highly likely to recommend the brand and believe it is value for money. It’ll be interesting to monitor how the brand continues to fare as competition heats up in the ride-hailing market," he added.

The ride-hailing firm has made headlines in news ever since the year started. Since its launch, it has marketed itself with quirky campaigns and ads. Early this year, GOJEK launched its OOH campaign with ads running across the nation highlighting words such as “promos” and with cheeky lines such as “Hey Goliath, there is a new Dave in town”, “Remember the days you loved ride-sharing, they are back”, and “No more promo fomo”.

It also recently named Lien Choong Luen as its Singapore general manager. He will be responsible for GOJEK’s commercial operations and other business activities in Singapore. The Singapore office currently houses around 150 employees across the technology, operational and regional functions.

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