Yellow Cab Pizza’s marketing approach for Filipino Millennials

There?s a reason New York is one of the most popular cities in the world. From its cultural diversity to its unparalleled energy, there?s so much to see and experience in the city that never sleeps. Many will agree that among the city?s must-tries would be its pizza; the city is crawling with hundreds of pizza parlors, each one offering a unique New York flavor. Hoping to share this pizza experience with more Filipinos, Yellow Cab Pizza Co. opened the doors to its first branch in the Philippines back in 2001.

Eighteen years and over a hundred Philippine branches later, Yellow Cab Pizza Co. continues to share a slice of New York through their assortment of pizza, sandwiches, pasta, chicken, and desserts. The pizza company has continued to attract the attention and the taste buds of the Millennial pizza-loving crowd through events like the Man vs. Pizza Challenge, which had each of the dozens of participants gobble and finish off an 18-inch pizza in record time. The fastest won a 6-month supply of the New Yorker pizza.

Another popular campaign was a Pizza Tour animated by musical performances from popular Philippine bands like Ben&Ben. The tour highlighted the branches located in busy, thriving cities like Metro Manila, Baguio, and Davao. To keep the momentum going, participants were handed limited edition Pizza Passes, which they could use to redeem discounts when they dine in at Yellow Cab stores and order their favorites.

Proving the pizza company?s popularity is the opening of another branch in the center of a university hub:? the new R. Square Mall branch in Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila is a stone?s throw across the prestigious De La Salle University, regarded as among the top universities in the Philippines. Students from the upper middle-class, their professors, and family members who visit will compose the primary market.