Yamaha issues apology to customer over instructor row

Music company Yamaha has made a public apology to a customer who enrolled in one of its music school programmes. This follows public backlash over a flute instructor who refused to continue teaching a young student with autism. Marketing has reached out to Yamaha for comment.

The exchange was shared online by the student’s father, Ivan Lim, the editor of SPRG Newsroom. In a lengthy Facebook post detailing the sequence of events, Lim called out the Yamaha Contempo Music School for abruptly cancelling his son’s flute lessons under short notice. He also detailed a heated exchange that was caused at the school. This was the result of the Lim family’s realisation that the reason for the instructor’s cancellation of lessons was due to the fact that the student had autism.

Online public reaction was swift, with many netizens taking the side of Lim and his family. This resulted in the music company issuing an apology, according to multiple news reports.

In a statement to The Straits Times, a spokesperson for Yamaha Contempo Music School said it had investigated the incident, seeking Lim's forgiveness.

The spokesperson also apologised for the actions of its staff and music instructor, stating that it was not acceptable for a child, parent or grandparent to go through the situation which occurred. It was also clarified that the staff at the school’s reception were also unaware of Lim’s son’s condition at the point of enrollment. Lim has also since confirmed that the school has offered a full refund.