Yakult SG considers plastic packaging change after straw move lauded by netizens

Yakult Singapore will be working towards changing its plastic packaging, following its move to eliminate plastic straws, said a report on Channel News Asia. According to the article, the beverage brand is said to be searching for alternative packaging, after netizens raised questions on its decision to remove the straws despite its container being made of plastic. Some even urged the brand to reconsider its packaging.

Marketing has reached out to Yakult Singapore for additional information on what prompted the change.

The wish to remove plastic straws was first shared by the brand on social media as it said this move was a part of its efforts in contributing to environment protection and sustainability. The post read that Yakult can be consumed directly from the bottle by removing the foil cap. "We value your unvarying support in our effort to help protect the environment and hope you will continue your healthy journey with Yakult," the statement added.

The move puts Yakult on par with brands such as KFC, Starbucks and Resorts World who have also taken similar steps.

A quick check by Marketing showed that the straw removal was mostly lauded.  The post was met with positive comments and the post has over 422 shares at the time of writing.

Last September, Yakult Singapore partnered with ADK Singapore to introduce Joseph Schooling in its “Billions Strong” campaign. The campaign aims to offer a rare glimpse of Schooling’s journey before he emerged under the spotlight. The campaign launched on 6 September with a film that will air on Channel 5, Channel 8, Channel U as well as on YouTube and Facebook.

Earlier this year, Schooling was also picked as Yakult’s brand ambassador until 2020. The partnership will see Schooling and Yakult working together to promote the health benefits of probiotics, and to inspire the community to strive towards excellence through a healthy lifestyle.

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