Yakult HK launches new campaign about protecting yourself against illness

Yakult has launched a new campaign focusing on the core idea of “365 reasons to drink Yakult LT” urging audiences to consume Yakult every day.  The messaging revolves around Yakult helping to maintain healthy intestines and a stronger body for consumers to face their everyday challenges, through its probiotics, high fibre and low sugar formulation.

The press release said that the idea came from the insight that many HK consumers seldom relate their symptoms of poor health with unhealthy intestines or improper digestion.  The series of videos aims to remind target audiences of the benefit of having healthy digestion to avoid any unexpected challenges or embarrassments.

The first video follows different consumers being exposed to illness all around them - in the form of a coughing taxi driver whose name ("Lau Kam") is a homophone in Cantonese to "flu" - and how people are trying to protect themselves against illness. Yakult LT then comes to the rescue as an immunity-boosting aid.

The creative boutique in charge - FAQ Comms - was awarded the creative duties of Yakult in a pitch held in late February.

“Another key challenge is to make a difference with previous communications to build better connection with Yakult LT among the health-conscious individuals,” said Corine Liu, manager – marketing & PR, Hong Kong Yakult Co., Ltd.

“I feel excited to work with Yakult team again...” said Albert Wong, co-founder and creative partner of FAQ Comms who has produced a number of popular Yakult ads in past decade. “The approach is different from previous campaigns because we want to create a new perception for Yakult LT which is also relevant to the young middle-class.”

The campaign went on air commencing May 21 and spread across terrestrial TV, OTT video and social platforms.