Yahoo to close its blogging service

Yahoo! Hong Kong today announces it will be closing its blogging service "Yahoo!Blog" on December 26.

On its Chinese announcement, it explained the move as a change in direction: "After evaluating the global resources and overall development direction, we decided to stop some of the services which cannot be integrated into our global resources to improve user experience. Yahoo! Blog is one of those services."

As a short-term solution, the company is migrating blog contents to Tumblr and Xuite. Eventually, all contents including data download and backup, hassle-free migration and URL redirect service, will be migrated to a new site.

No further details about the new site were given.

Yahoo! said they will reach out to users individually via email to notify them about the related arrangements.

Despite the shut down of a prominent part of Yahoo!, the search engine has introduced this year Yahoo! Mail mobile solutions, Yahoo! Weather app, ‘Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Premier League', and specifically in Hong Kong, two online e-commerce platforms, 'Yahoo! Supermart' and 'Yahoo! Outlet'.

It also acquired Tumblr and underwent a major revamp of Flickr.

No further responses regarding the future of Yahoo Blog were given at the time of writing, but more details are coming up.