Yahoo out of the picture as Flickr gets sold

Flickr has been bought by image-hosting firm SmugMug. In a blogpost, Flickr said it always been defined by the strength of our community.

“We are visual storytellers. We are creators. We inspire each other and the world by showcasing the beauty around us. We share our passions and our perspectives. We transcend boundaries with our art. We find affinity with strangers and create bonds that last the length of our lives. We aspire to greatness and we teach each other what we know,” read the post by Flickr product manager, Matthew Roth.

SmugMug is a dynamic platform for visual storytelling in the world and “we share their passionate dedication to photography and photographers”, the team at Flickr added.

The platform has been around over 14 years, first started in 2004 and then was acquired by yahoo a year later for approximately US$25million.

In a statement to USA Today, SmugMug CEO Don MacAskill said he is “committed to breathing new life” into the platform.  The company will also “maintain Flickr as a standalone community of amateur and professional photographers”, MacAskill told the news outlet.