Yahoo drives off with Motor Trader

Yahoo has announced a content-sharing partnership with Motor Trader, Malaysia’s auto car magazine to attract motoring enthusiasts online via authentic content while adding value and depth to Yahoo’s portfolio of news and entertainment offerings.

The partnership will benefit car lovers as well as first-time buyers who want to read news and articles, whether it is reviews, market report, motor sporting, new launches, accessories and maintenance, prices, promotions or even second hand listings, before making a purchase.

The English-language content developed by Motor Trader will be hosted on Yahoo’s Autos website (, launched in November 2012.

Commenting on this partnership, Yahoo Malaysia’s country ambassador and sales director, Jon Tjin (pictured) told A+M, “We are constantly looking out for partners who can provide content for our users and Motor Trader fits the bill. It has strong followers and deliver specific content for users.”

Advertisers will benefit from this partnership by putting context into content, taking advantage of branded content for readers hence generating top-of-mind recall of the brands among readers.

The new ad formats on the site for advertisers include exclusive rich media ad.

Among the advertisers onboard the site are Volkswagen and BMW.

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