WONDA Coffee takes consumers on a mobile adventure with speakeasy cafe

WONDA Coffee wants to take consumers on an adventure with its mobile speakeasy cafe, where they can enjoy a hot cup of WONDA 3-in-1 Premium Coffee. Available at key high traffic locations around Klang Valley including popular shopping districts throughout the month of September and October, the mobile speakeasy cafe is distinguished as an abandoned bus.

Consumers will need to hunt for the mobile speakeasy cafe and partake in a mini-mission of finding the secret code to gain access, giving the cafe experience a more exclusive feel. Once consumers enter the mobile speakeasy Cafe, they will be greeted with a free cup of coffee from the baristas. The cafe also has several nooks and corners for Insta-worthy shots. Keeping in mind the social distancing regulations, the mobile speakeasy cafe can accommodate four people at once.

wonda coffees mobile speakeasy cafe 4

According to Etika, which owns WONDA, the mobile speakeasy cafe aims to break through "mundane initiatives" in current times of uncertainty.

While WONDA Coffee declined to disclose the actual cost involved in the project, its spokesperson told A+M that production of the bus took roughly a month and a half, inclusive of permit approval. The speakeasy cafe was meant to be a unique form of coffee sampling for consumers and since it will only be around for two months, the spokesperson explained that consumers will feel the need to experience it to prevent themselves from missing the boat. WONDA Coffee will promote the speakeasy cafe via Waze, Facebook, key influencers and videos.

Santharuban T. Sundaram, SVP of marketing and alternate business from Etika, said the brand wants to redefine the cafe experience for Malaysians and bring something novel in place. Instead of merely heading out to their usual coffee shop, consumers now have the chance to add "a spirit of adventure to their coffee runs", he added.

"As brands, we need to be able to communicate with consumers creatively, placing their needs at the forefront. With our WONDA Coffee’s mobile Speakeasy Café concept, we are able to connect with consumers in a safe manner, get them to enjoy their favourite hot coffee while enabling them to take a break and enjoy a WONDA-ful experience," Sundaram said.

WONDA Coffee has always pushed the boundaries in its marketing. In May, it introduced a WebAR-based social distancing guide in Malaysia to help netizens keep a safe social distance. Known as the Gap-puccino, the guide can be accessed via any smartphone browser and gives a visual guide that approximates a safe social distance between individuals to ensure that they abide by the one to to metres social distancing role.

It also entertained consumers with its first-ever concert-from-home during the Movement Control Order in March to encourage everyone to remain at home, stay entertained and more importantly, keep everyone safe.

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