Women dominate the gaming arena

Women make up 71% of Malaysians who play social games daily, and among those surveyed, 89% place social games as their top activity on social networks, placing it ahead of activity posts, sharing photos and keeping up with friends' profiles.

This is according to Spiral Media's findings from its publisher-led survey of social gaming audiences in Asia Pacific which highlights audience engagement with social games, use of technology, retail spending, entertainment choices and attitudes towards advertising in social games,

With majority of the respondents from Malaysia being in the 25 to 54 year old group, women comprised 55% of total respondents.

On the platform side, 33% of respondents said they played social games on their phones at least once a week. In spite of the popularity mobile platforms, majority of respondents still used desktop computers, with 61% of social gamers also playing video games across consoles and PCs.

Scott Wenkart, managing director of Spiral Media, says although online audiences are becoming more fragmented than ever, social gaming is growing and has become a form of mainstream entertainment.

"Social gamers are interested in the more "traditional" forms of gaming and are engaged for longer periods of time - presenting marketers with opportunities to develop targeted campaigns," said Scott Wenkart, managing director of Spiral Media.

The survey was also conducted in Australia, Singapore and the Philippines.