WINK+ and NETS FlashPay roll out joint acquisition drive

NETS and XCO Media+ have rolled out a joint acquisition campaign from 2 June to 27 July, to get commuters to download Singapore’s first loyalty programme, the WINK+ app with the purchase of the new NETS FlashPay card. Passengers will be rewarded with 50 WINK+ points, extra stored value and weekly lucky draws.

Shabirin Ariffin, vice president, marketing communications, NETS said: “This promotion with WINK+ is how NETS continues to reward consumers with even greater value and more exciting perks when they make FlashPay their choice card in transit. With 7.3 million FlashPay cards in circulation today, FlashPay is Singapore’s preferred contactless card for consumers who tap and pay conveniently for everyday small value payments across our extensive network of acceptance points.”

Jeslyn Tan, senior general manager of XCO Media+ said “The campaign is designed to provide more value to commuters through rewards and can determine key metrics of usage and engagement of FlashPay users.”